Prof. Dharmender Sharma is a well known and reputed name is the field of Astrology, Palmistry and Vastushastra throughout the country and partially in globe. He has a wide clientele in India and Abroad as well. From a very young age, he in engaged in the world of spirituality, and upliftment of religion. Dharmender Sharma Ji, who love simplicity in the era of pretense and pomp, paved the way of Mantra Sadhna  and Meditation. He has attained the distinction of success by conducting so many programs on different TV channels.  He has promoted Indian astrology for a long time on may national televisions  like Zee News,  P7, Sadhna, Katyayani, Ishwar Tv  and many more. He has organized many free astrology and spiritual camps across the country.  In his free Camps he has worked to connect people with God, Spirituality and our culture.  Having spiritual, scientific and innovative vision he is working a lot on elemental and remedial astrology. He uses and practices astrology as a tool of betterment in human life.